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Seeing how bad the COVID-19 situation seemed to be we arranged for our own staff to work remotely, but we wondered, could we help and encourage YOU, our Plex.Earth users, to do the same?

Well just this week things have suddenly become urgent, and working from home is no longer just a good idea, it’s become essential, for you, your loved ones and your business.

Naturally we’re just as frustrated and concerned as you are at the confusing and conflicting information about this grim situation, so I’m hoping to keep our solution (and this email) simple and straightforward.

To help you and your team to work remotely and beat COVID-19, we will simply double your Plex.Earth licensed machines, without any extra charge, for the next 3 months. It starts right now, at no cost, and if things are still bad we’ll review and extend this.


If you have a single PC we’ll give you 2 licenses, if you have 6 we’ll extend to 12, if you have 12 we’ll license an extra 12 machines, so a total of 24 and so on. That means you can install and activate Plex.Earth on alternative computers such as your own or your team’s home PCs and laptops etc. Again, this starts now and is for the next 3 months, into June.

Note that even if you are renewing your subscription during this time the same applies; you renew as normal but we’ll give you twice the machine activations for the next 3 months.

To claim your extra activations just write to support@plexscape.com with your current account number and details. We will set it up for you and let you know when your account has been upgraded.

When this is all over, or at least under control (we’re hoping warmer weather will help the situation) the support team will email you to ask which machines you wish to deactivate in order to revert to your normal number of active machines.

As we move forward together into this unfamiliar situation we’ll be sure to keep you updated, and know that we always value your questions, ideas and feedback.

Finally let me remind and reassure you that there is no charge, no catch, and no obligation with these extra computer activations. It just seems the simplest solution to help you work remotely with Plex.Earth.

Lambros Kaliakatsos
Founder and CEO, Plexscape







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